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Programas De Asistencia


New students:

Existing students:

Adolescence is a medically important time in everyone's life. Its when health habits and risk behaviors are formed that will affect children for a lifetime. One of the main goals of the School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) is to increase access to care and keep students in school and parents at work, especially for the underserved and uninsured populations. Another primary goal is to promote preventative health education and learning to avoid risk behaviors.  

Mountain Community Health Partnership (MCHP) is excited to continue offering quality care within the middle schools of Yancey County. Your child does not have to be an MCHP patient to receive these services and can receive them even if they already have a designated primary care provider. Our staff consists of a Family Nurse Practitioner - Kay McLaughlin, Registered Nurse - Shelley Laws, and Front Desk Clerk - June Elkins.  

Medical Services offered at SBHC's 

  • Complete physicals and sports physicals 

  • Screening and treatment for illnesses such as sore throat, earaches, influenza, and COVID-19 

  • Treatment for chronic problems such as asthma and diabetes  

  • Immunizations  

  • First-aid for injuries  

  • Vision and hearing screenings 

Behavioral Health Services offered at SBHC's 

  • Counseling for avoiding risky behavior  

  • Dealing with grief and loss 

  • Problems with grades and behavior  

Health Education for: 

  • Nutrition 

  • Physical Fitness  

  • Tobacco use 

  • Alcohol and drug use  

To enroll your child in the school-based health center, please click the enroll button below. These services may be billed to your child's insurance provider or paid out of pocket with discounts available to qualifying households through our sliding fee program. Questions regarding insurance coverage or our sliding fee program may be directed to the School-Based Health Centers:

East Yancey Middle School Health Center - 828-682-6152

Cane River Middle School Health Center - 828-682-4758

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